Message From CEO

Kotsteel is a brand old enough to operate in this market for more than 60 years now. The company offers wide range of stainless steel products, with exceptional and professional manufacturing skills.

At KOTSTEEL we believe that our employees play a major role in the success of our company, especially the people in our RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT department. The people in the R&D department are responsible to look for new ideas and technologies which aid in the production of utensils that are user-friendly, cost-effective and appealing to the end user.

We at KOTSTEEL intend to develop and implement effective Safety Environment and Quality Management with defined objectives and targets to improve proactive control of risk and create a step change in behavior.

Moreover, we want to give Health, Safety, Environment and Quality the highest consideration within the Company’s other business objectives.

Compliance with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the company subscribes to and implementation of continual improvement programs utilizing the latest technologies.

We at KOTSTEEL propose on improving the efficient use of energy and natural resources. For this sole purpose the plant operates on solar panels, conserving the energy resources.

Finally, the goal is to provide the Customers a World Class Quality Product fulfilling all the requirements for an experienced to be endured.